नमस्ते !


A few things about me you wont find in my resume

And yes, I feed peacocks in my spare time 

When I'm happy...

I dance. Mind you, I'm not a trained dancer (or anywhere close), but I like to bust out some of those inherent Bollywood dance moves to celebrate.

I'm essentially a nomad

Originally from Mathura, India - the birthplace of Hinduism, I've moved around a lot and changed around 8 schools, 3 countries and 6 cities. Needless to say, I know a guy who knows a guy for anything you might need.

What I do in my spare time

- Playing lawn tennis (or table tennis)
- Practicing my card tricks
- Amusing myself with horrible puns
- Contributing to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia and I

In my free time, I contribute to humanity's knowledge by writing on, editing and vandalism-checking Wikipedia. I've created 125 pages, made 1,400 edits in 3 languages!

Lets plan world domination


Prank callers will be met with their match

How I ended up in Design

Meet me at Space Mountain at Disneyland, Orlando and i'll narrate my tale like a Disney musical